Flowers Northampton - Flower Care & Advice


Flowers arranged by us will be fresh and conditioned before being arranged or delivered.

After 3 to 5 days we recommend that the stems be rinsed in  running water and re cut, placing the arrangement in a clean vase with fresh water containing flower food.

Vases should be filled to 75% capacity ( 3/4 full)

Remove all leaves that sit below the water line to avoid bacteria contaminating the water.

When arranging your flowers you will find that odd numbers always appear easier on the eye.

Care should be taken when placing your flower arrangements! Ripe fruit gives of a gas  called ethylene which speeds up the deterioration of sensitive flowers.

Your flower arrangements will always last longer if kept away from direct heat.

Any questions you may have we will be glad to try and answer so please feel free to contact us. Enjoy your flowers they are such a natural beauty.