Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets

26th May 2014

Colors are probably ,one of  the main points to consider, this can be influenced by personal favorites, fabrics already chosen, time of year and favorite flowers as they don't all come in every color.

Consider flowers that are in season and that are readily available these can keep cost down, think about foliage, this can change the shape and dynamics of you bouquets.

The furnishings in the venue can play a part too, and the color of Brides hair makes a great impact in the photos if the flowers completely compliment.

The shape of your bouquet can be considered by the dress style and the appearance of the person to be holding the bouquet not all styles suit everyone.

Water source for the flowers is important for the freshness and life span of your bouquets, always have a vase waiting at the venue for your material hand tied bouquets to go in after you have finished with it, they make stunning decorations and conversation points.

Mainly have fun choosing your bouquets, don't be afraid of moving away from the norm, personalize it, this can be done by adding jewelry or non flower decorations.

Here are some pictures.......